Fuqua/Coach K Leadership Conference

Conference Information

The 9th Annual Fuqua/Coach K Conference on Leadership will take place October 25-27, 2010 at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

2010 Conference Theme

Under the theme of “Leading in a Distributed and Transparent World: Lessons from the Front Lines of Change,” the conference will define a new leadership landscape for participants and spotlight the types of leadership skills that are needed to deal with current realities. By drawing on leadership lessons from diverse industries and sectors, the conference will mirror the complex relationships and blurred boundaries of today.  More than 20 chief-level executives and faculty scholars will help participants make sense of a world in which

  • boundaries (geographical, functional, relationships) are blurred
  • companies and their senior management are called to greater accountability and are often measured in the public eye by the impact of their actions on society
  • information is proliferating and technology is evolving at a speed that makes it impossible for any single person or organization to fully make sense of the data.

About the Conference

A hallmark of the Coach K Leadership Conference is stimulating our participants to broaden the scope of their thinking and draw insights on leadership and organizational effectiveness from across different industries, nonprofit sectors, and sports.  The 2010 conference format will include keynote and plenary sessions designed to allow participants to easily interact with speakers as well as learn from one another, and a special Coach K-moderated Men’s basketball practice session linking sports and business leadership.

For details and registration information, visit www.ConferenceonLeadership.com.

Presentations from the Fuqua/Coach K Conference on Leadership Now Available Through Apple’s iTunes

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