Family and Friends

Mike Krzyzewski is married to Carol “Mickie” Marsh, originally from Alexandria, VA. Coach and Mrs. K have three daughters, Debbie Savarino, Lindy Frasher, and Jamie Spatola, and five grandchildren, Joey, Michael, Carlyn and Emelia Savarino, and Quin Frasher.


In June of 2004, to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, Coach K and his wife Mickie, renewed their wedding vows in the Duke Chapel.

The Krzyzewski Family (Front Row, L-R) Michael Savarino, Joey Savarino, Mickie Krzyzewski, Lindy Frasher, Quin Frasher, Steve Frasher. (Middle Row, L-R) Emelia Savarino, Peter Savarino, Debbie Savarino, Carlyn Savarino, Mike Krzyzewski. (Back Row, L-R) Chris Spatola & Jamie Spatola.

Krzyzewski Family Photo