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  • Coca-Cola Creates Coach K Commemorative Can

    Coca-Cola is raising a toast in honor of Duke University men’s basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski’s, 1,000th career win. To celebrate the first ever NCAA Division I men’s coach to earn such a title, Coca-Cola produced limited edition 7.5 oz commemorative Coca-Cola cans with the phrase “Share a Coke with Coach 1K.”

  • 1-on-1 With Coach K: ACC Wins & Dean Smith

    Each week, and the Blue Devil Network will catch up with head coach Mike Krzyzewski to learn more about his thoughts on a variety of topics. This week, following another milestone becoming the all-time winningest ACC coach, Coach K discusses passing his good friend Dean Smith on the list and wanting to celebrate Smith’s accomplishments as well.

  • Coach 1K: The Journey to 1,000 Wins

    On the night of February 13, 1974, Duke held a small ceremony after defeating Virginia, 88-78, in Cameron Indoor Stadium. The ceremony was to celebrate the program’s 1,000th victory in basketball. Duke was just the sixth school to reach that milestone. It came at a dreadful time for the program – the Blue Devils were … Continue reading Coach 1K: The Journey to 1,000 Wins

  • Coach K Earns Career Win No. 1,000

    Mike Krzyzewski earned his 1,000th career win Sunday, making him the first NCAA Division I men’s coach to reach the milestone, when No. 5 Duke surged past St. John’s in the second half for a 77-68 victory at Madison Square Garden. Tyus Jones scored 22 points and the Blue Devils (17-2) went on an 18-2 … Continue reading Coach K Earns Career Win No. 1,000

  • Coach K’s achievement is model of adaptability, flexibility and excellence

    Mike Krzyzewski will accumulate 1,000 career victories in a matter of days, perhaps as early as Sunday.

    It’s an astounding accomplishment — one that comes along with 40 years as a Division I head coach — and it’s impressive even to peers that have piled up hundreds and hundreds of wins themselves.

    So, what’s the secret to longevity in this profession? How can coaches stick around long enough (and win enough) to get to this point? USA TODAY Sports posed these questions to some of the sport’s most successful coaches.

  • Watch Coach K go for 1,000th win on FOX and ‘Coach K Cam’ on FOX Sports GO

    Need more Coach K? You can also head over to FOX Sports GO on Sunday to watch our “Coach K Cam.” We’ll have an isolated camera on Krzyzewski throughout the game Sunday, starting at 1:30. The live stream will be available unauthenticated, meaning everyone can head over to and enjoy the Coach K Cam regardless of their cable provider.

  • ESPN to Air SportsCenter Special on Krzyzewski

    With head coach Mike Krzyzewski approaching his 1,000th career win, ESPN recently announced the scheduled presentation of a SportsCenter special entitled Coach K-1K. The program is set to air Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 11 p.m. (ET) on ESPN2, following Duke’s game against Miami.

    The one-hour special will include a round-table discussion, with former players such as Matt Brown (Army, ’79), Jay Bilas (Duke ’86), Christian Laettner (Duke ’92), Jeff Capel (Duke ’97), Nate James (Duke ’01), Jay Williams (Duke ’02) and Jon Scheyer (Duke ’10), as well as current player Quinn Cook. A Coach K interview is also slated for the piece.


Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication. Communication does not always occur naturally, and must be taught and practiced in order to bring everyone together as one. The most crucial element of communicating is telling the truth.

- Coach K

When you are winning, your commitment is never challenged. But loyalty and dedication during difficult times can be tough. When commitment doesn’t waver, that’s when you have the greatest chance of winning. You can never give up.

- Coach K

When you care about someone or something, you show genuine concern for that person or thing, in good times or bad. When you care about one another and about your purpose, you are compelled to put your feelings into action. Care creates an atmosphere that breeds success and gives you the confidence to try again.

- Coach K
Collective Responsibility

We win and we lose together. Handling the responsibility for wins and losses together removes the burden from one individual’s shoulders and distributes it among each member of the team. That atmosphere is conducive to high-level performance and places you and your team in the position to be bold and unafraid, and if you should lose, you are not alone.

- Coach K

You can possess countless good qualities as an individual, but if you don”t have the courage to proceed, you may never see those qualities come into fruition. It takes courage to put what you believe to be best of you on the line, to test it, and to see how far it takes you. Courage means daring to do what you imagine.

- Coach K

Adversity can teach you more about yourself than any success, and overcoming an obstacle can sometimes feel even better than achieving an easy victory. Through adversity, you can discover things about your endurance, your ability to turn a negative into a positive, and your personal strength of heart.

- Coach K

Take care not to allow one aspect of your life to so consume you that you neglect the others. Balance can put things in perspective, can bring you joy even when you are down, and can allow you to be at your best in all aspects of your life.

- Coach K

No matter how successful you believe yourself to be, you can never feel as if you’ve reached the absolute pinnacle. There are always new and wonderful challenges out there, and part of maintaining success is knowing when you need to accept them.

- Coach K

You have to adapt what you do based on who you are. In teaching, you must remember that no group or individual is the same as who you taught the day before, the year before, or the decade before. Your plan has to suit who you and your team are right now.

- Coach K

Belief can mean the difference between a fear of failure and the courage to try. On a team or in a family, belief makes each individual stronger and also fortifies the group as a whole. The basis of belief is in individual relationships.

- Coach K
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