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I am a retired Marine. For three fantastic years (I’ve been a Duke basketball fan since the eighties), I was the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor at Duke. Needless to say, my entire family have become Dukies. In 2006, my two boys were checking in for camp, and my wife Cindy was in the line for Coach K autographs. You made her year! When she told you that I was a Marine and had been in the battle of Fallujah, you gave her a hug, signed a ball for me that I treasure, and called your daughter with the husband then in Iraq over to introduce her.
You had me with the leadership evident in the carraige and comportment I saw in your players while on campus (I met pretty much all of the members of the 2001 team around campus at one point or another), and of course your service to your country. What you did with my wife was for her one of the most special moments of her life and cemented her as a Duke and Coach K fan forever. For that special moment, a wonderfully inscribed basketball, and for my sons still talking about who they let on their bus, I thank you.

1stSgt Brant Young
USMC (Ret.)

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