Off the court, Mike Krzyzewski has been involved with four major book projects. Coach K’s latest book, Beyond Basketball: Coach K’s Keywords For Success, offers 40 short, hard-hitting essays-each centered on an important keyword and illustrated with anecdotes from his personal experiences-that educate and inspire.

Public Speaker

A highly sought-after public speaker, Mike Krzyzewski speaks at several events each year including Fortune 500 companies, colleges, and community organizations. Using the insights, inspirations, and proven principles he has applied to his legendary teams and coaching career, Krzyzewski reveals clear, passionate guidelines on reaching for and achieving success.

As a coach, Krzyzewski’s goal and strength has been to instill motivation – for each individual and for the team – to have every individual in a positive state of mind, utilizing abilities to their fullest, and not afraid to fail. Krzyzewski details the keys to his success – motivational techniques, leadership skills, powerful teamwork strategies, steps for building confidence, the vital impact of trust and communication – that can be applied to every level of personal and professional endeavor.


PowerForward takes Coach K’s approach and keywords for success and uses them as the foundation for an impactful leadership development program. The website aims to empower emerging leaders to not only understand but also truly own and embody these themes, well beyond basketball.

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